2 Innovative Ways To Brand Yourself As An Expert

You should always strive to show clients and potential clients that you are an expert in your field.People would rather take the opinion of an expert and seek expert opinion before making major purchases. When attending speaking events and conferences the keynote speaker is always an expert and usually the smartest person in the room. 

You can become an expert by using your knowledge and experiences to educate and empower people. 

Extensive Knowledge + Experience = Expertise

These are a couple of the best methods you can use to become an expert in your field: 

#1. Write Articles 

Writing for major websites and publications allows you a perfect opportunity to showcase your knowledge in your field.Writing articles that help customers solve problems is a great way to extend your reach, build your confidence in your writing and to start building up your social following. 

Some of the most popular websites to write for are Evancarmichael.comBusiness.comForbes.comEngadget.com, Business Insider, Mashable, Business2Community.comInc.com etc. 

Most of these websites require a strong body of work before acceptance, so consider writing on your company’s blog to build up your body of work. I strongly recommend that you post weekly, websites like Linkedin have a free, user-friendly option for writing articles called Linkedin Pulse. It is really necessary to start off small before writing for the bigger companies I listed above. 

Take your time and do it right, one step at a time. 

#2. Write A Book 

Use some of the articles you published and write a book.Your clients will respect you more once you have officially authored a book and you will also increase your reach as a subject matter expert. 

Your book can be in big name retailers such as Barnes & Noble, Itunes, and Nook to name a few. 

People will type your name in the search engine and see that you have published a book which will increase your professional exposure.You can also leverage technology and publish your book practically free online! 

Writing great informative content is the key to establishing yourself as an expert.