3 things to consider when redesigning your website

“93 percent of B2B buying processes begin with an online search.”

Redesigning your website is great for building excitement for your brand and showing your clients that you care about your business’ digital presence. The shift away from desktop computers has clients and potential customers receiving information faster and more effective than ever before.

With web browsers and smartphones innovating daily, your website should consistently innovate with the change in technological advancements. Here are three short tips to consider when redesigning your website.

Refining your websites theme

“Before finalizing a product purchase, 94 percent of B2B buyers research online.”

Your website is a direct reflection of your brand’s voice, your logo, brand colors, website content, and imagery. If you are utilizing a template based service, consider hiring a developer that can build on top of the service you are using. Type Squarespace Developer or WordPress Developer in your search engine and look for experts that can add special features to your website using CSS and Javascript.

Also keep in mind that a mobile application may be in your brand’s future so consider hiring an expert in both mobile application development and web design. Doing so will ensure that when you make the leap to have a smartphone app developed for your business, all development stays in house, limiting confusion and saving future cost.

Template based services are great, however, there are some issues when using a one size fits all product. “Before you go through a template based service, it is important to note that someone else may use the same template and therefore be taking away from your brand identity,” says Brandon Sugar in a recent Business.com article. “Whereas a designer will most likely be more costly, but the design will be tailored to your brand.”

DIY is a great option, so do yourself a favor and hire a developer that can build on top of  template services and give you website distinction and innovative features.

Optimize image files

Large PNG files can slow down a website considerably. When I speak to potential clients their main concern is usually design and not speed. Business owners don’t truly understand that slow websites send customers away from your website to your competitors’ website. Would you wait over five seconds for a website to load (or even longer if browsing on a mobile phone with limited internet) or would you simply navigate to a faster more responsive website?

With free website tools to check the performance of your website (and your competitor’s website), there is no excuse to be uninformed. Knowing the improvements you can make to innovate your website allows you to view your website from your customers perspective.

Refine your message

I am sure since the development of your website you have added or discontinued a service or product. You may have raised or lowered a product’s price point, or maybe you have testimonials about your products effectiveness.

Your customers deserve every opportunity to know exactly what you offer, especially if you are looking to get referrals. Your previous customers are less likely to refer their good friends and family to an outdated and unresponsive website.