Here’s why most businesses should run like a tech startup

In today’s technological world, it’s apparent that tech startup’s are doing something right. They are getting all of the press, developing digital products that drive future innovation and their businesses are utilizing technology properly. Although we have so much innovation around us, we often find that most business owners are slow to adapt to the changing technological times.

The majority of small business owners is under an impression that word of mouth is the only use of effective marketing they need. No need to utilize social media or any digital marketing platforms to increase revenue, simply have great service and product and people will come back. This is not the case in today’s competitive marketplace.

The advantage of social over TV

In a crowded marketplace, it’s hard for small businesses to separate themselves from the noise. A small business usually will try to rely on TV or Radio advertising and find that the return on investment is very poor. If only the business owner used social media properly they could understand that traditional marketing is almost obsolete.

Not only is social media free it’s the most used technological service in the world. Facebook allows businesses to target specific demographics of people with targeted marketing and advertising. Your business page analytics allows you to track when people in your area are most online and where they live and work.

TV can’t guarantee that the market you are targeting will be in front of the TV when your commercial plays.

What can be done?

Businesses must look at alternative solutions to reach their target market. In a recent interview with the Jacksonville Business Journal, I reiterated that the goal for business owners should be to reach as many people as possible.

Customers are not loyal to brands in today’s changing technological society. Online shopping has closed many big name department stores we would never have imagined would be out of business. Business owners need to understand that they can also be crippled by not having a technological advantage on their competition.

My business Tech From Vets decided, instead of simply selling our award-winning services, we would help business owners understand the reason why technology is important and how they can keep up with the mobile landscape.

Many business owners can’t understand the importance of mobile applications and they are afraid technology draws a wedge between their business and their customers. I agree, to some degree, however, when technology is used effectively it can bring customers closer to a business.

With mobile applications, push notifications can be sent during an event so the customer knows the details immediately. Businesses can integrate their Facebook and Twitter pages into their app so their customers can stay up to date and engage with the business.

The business can feature a calendar of events and specials in the app so that customers can stay informed. There are many more features a business can utilize to engage with their customers and keep them coming back.

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