Get Your Business Everywhere At All Times

Get Your Business Everywhere At All Times

Have you ever noticed that the top brands seem to be everywhere at all times? I am sure you have noticed that some brands seem to occupy your visual and mental real estate more than others. The most successful brands often spend the most money on advertising. Their advertising is geared toward highlighting the benefits of their brand to the consumer. Their goal is to gain trust through familiarity and influence you to choose their brand when exercising your spending power. How can your business be everywhere at all times? Here are a three brief marketing tips:

  •  Utilize social media to extend your reach

If your business does not use social media to track and reach more clients, you are not thinking about current or future growth. Yes, social media is very tedious to manage, yes people may post negative comments about your business, however, your goal is to keep people informed about your businesses day to day operations. People want to feel like they know your brand, many will want to learn more about your business through your social networks. Would you knowingly do your business a disservice by not highlighting your brand’s news and successes?

  •  Post great content to your social media accounts

Content is queen and great content is king. You will not know what to post when you first start your business page. You may post too little or too much in the beginning. Everyone starts out not knowing what to post, your goal is to find something unique to video, take a picture of or write about. Ask for objective opinions from your customers, they will tell you what they would like to see you incorporate on your social media sites. If you do choose post what they ask you should ask the customer to share the post on their page. By people sharing your businesses content you now get exposed to their friends and family and that increases your reach. I post content that I have published on major publications to keep my page (Tech From Vets) active and current, consider doing the same.

  •  Utilize social proof on your marketing material

Social proof will benefit your business greatly. Your business needs credibility and legitimacy, if you have worked or partnered with good businesses ask if you can use their logo to highlight your experience. When customers see that you are featured by major brands they will be more prone to buy your product or service. People want to know that they are buying from a business that is well known and respected in today’s market.